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eRing creates a field of wireless electricity around your Christmas tree.  This enables the first ever, wirelessly powered ornaments and with it, infinite possibilities.

Over years of R&D, every minute detail has been deliberated over.  Every varying tree size, tree type, light style, and much, much more.  All so that eRing can bring a magical experience to the holidays like never before.

A new type of energy:

Immensely Powerful

Practically Invisible

Hide it in the tree or under the tree skirt

We design it to be minimalistic so your decorations stand out even more.

How it works:

1. Snap it on

2. Plug it in

No more wasted time on tangled wires or finding the bad bulb

Simpler. Safer.

Let there be absolutely beautiful light.

Smartphone Control, of course!

Select WiFi when purchasing eRing and you can control your tree from your smartphone.  You can turn it on or off, set schedules, timers and much more.

Safety First.

eRing provides energy to its bulbs wirelessly in a completely safe way.  Its magnetic field only interacts with specifically tuned devices, not the human body.

eRing is just getting started…

We can’t take credit for thinking of the App store, but we can take credit for bringing to life our lights and ornaments.  They can now have music, motion, lights, and so much more that was never possible before – all without wires.

Think of the incredible possibilities.  Already, designers, artists, musicians, and developers have been hard at work to create new ornaments never possible before Aura.

If you are interested in working with us on creating new ornaments or distributing eRing, Contact us and a member of the team will work with you accordingly.